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David Beurle founded Future iQ in 2003, and it has now grown to have a portfolio of projects in North America, Europe and Australia.

Future iQ® is a research and consulting company specialising in foresight and scenario-based strategic planning. Future iQ uses unique planning methodologies including The Future Game, Strategic based Scenario Planning, Network Analysis, Data Visualisation and in depth Stakeholder Analysis. With a client base spanning regions, communities, industry, corporations and organisations, the company has a global presence offering solutions that impact the local environment. With team members and clients spanning North America, Europe and Australia, Future iQ works across cultures, sectors and languages in order to shape unique and effective planning solutions.

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“Future iQ is a very attentive firm who can craft and utilise the right tools to foster collaboration and strategic planning.”

Eric Fowle, Executive Director, East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, USA


“Many people have simply not woken up to the challenges ahead and I am convinced that the work
of Future iQ plays a very important part in promoting new thinking.”

Lord David Puttnam, CBE

An Introduction to Future iQ – David Beurle, CEO, Future iQ