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Producing unique and customised foresight work


David Beurle specialises in creating innovative future planning processes for use in Corporate, Industry, Regional and Community Settings.

In his work with Future iQ, David developed the ground breaking Future Game into a widely used planning and workshop tool. The Future Game has now been successfully used in 10 countries, translated into 4 languages, and played with over 25,000 participants. He pioneered the global application of Scenario Planning to regions and rural industries across the globe. Having worked in the field of regional and community revitalisation for over 20 years, he is a leader in the field of future planning.

“David Beurle has the ability to help people reach consensus in a smooth and focused manner. He is so accomplished that you don’t realise he is in the room until the consensus point has been reached.”

Denny Glenn, Project Manager, DoD Community Assistance Program, Allen County, Ohio, USA

David Beurle

CEO & Founder

David Beurle is a globally renowned expert in Future Thinking and Strategic Planning. His work extends from local and regional planning, through to global think-tanks and strategic planning.


David Beurle is a world renowned strategist, researcher, and thought leader. He works with global leaders and innovators in business, philanthropy, government and local communities, guiding them to create an inclusive vision and actionable roadmap for the future, with an emphasis on economic development and resiliency. Over the past 20 years his work has had a wide reaching impact on regional and national economic growth and revitalisation in the U.S, Australia and Europe.

David Beurle is founder and CEO of Future iQ, a global foresight research and consulting company. He works with clients to anticipate and take the necessary steps to define their futures in the face of rapidly converging forces that are reshaping lives, livelihoods and communities. These include but are not limited to automation and technology, socio-demographic and workforce shifts, changing power structures, data ownership, resource allocation, and new systems of mobility and transportation, along with overarching trends such as climate change and globalisation.

He is an advocate for “creating future intelligence,” and works with countries, regions, cities, tourism destinations, corporations, nonprofits, universities and the U.S. Department of Defense to anticipate these converging trends.

Future thinking methodology, critical trends, scenario planning and creative alignment along with high level stakeholder engagement, data and analysis are the cornerstones of David Beurle’s visioning process. He fosters a collaborative working environment producing aligned visions, critical to the success of any planning endeavour. His holistic approach or “Systems thinking” was informed during his work as a rangeland scientist in the Australian outback and later, as Principal Advisor to the Minister of Primary Industries in his native Australia.

David Beurle has developed innovative methodologies, conducted original research and authoured numerous papers that advance the field of foresight education and planning. Innovative methodologies he has created include the groundbreaking The Future Game simulation planning tool used globally in over 500 workshops in community, regional, industry, corporate and governmental settings. He pioneered the application of Scenario Planning with communities, regions and regional industries and corporations around the world.

About David Beurle